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Our new addition to the family…. Hugo

WE HAVE A PUPPY!!!!!! A few weeks ago we decided that we defiantly needed to have a pet due to James being at home all day working, it can get quite lonely sometimes and our new house didn’t feel like a proper home. I’ve wanted to experience life with a puppy as growing up our […]

Beauty Room Tour

I have been told for a while now that I need to start uploading images of my home and I honestly have being wanting to do so from the start. However we have had issues with deliveries and items being smashed from couriers so it has taken a lot longer than planned. I still don’t […]

What I got for my Birthday (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of what I got for my Birthday… This is mainly beauty products and a some little extras as I didn’t want to bore you all with the longest blog post. You may see some items that I already own and have mentioned previously and have just been stocked up on by […]

What I got for my Birthday (Part one)

I have honestly had the best birthday, despite being ill. Everyone made the day feel so special. It’s a shame that England never made it into the World Cup final as they would have been playing on my birthday. But we will win next time! Always think positive. I can’t explain how grateful I am […]

Turning 22

Why is it when you leave school every year just flies by and before you notice it you’re grown up in your own place watching the years pass us by? Well for some people being 22 is still really young, But for me I hate growing older and that’s why I like to be as […]

Designing your perfect room

Do you ever feel like your head is going to explode with the amount you have to remember when it comes to moving house? I feel like I am going to go mad over the simplest thing ever. You have to try and plan everything yourself and this is the first time I am actually […]

Laura Ashley haul

YOUR HOME SHOULD TELL A STORY OF WHO YOU ARE, AND BE A COLLECTION OF WHAT YOU LOVE! Home is where the heart is, so they say. I believe that’s true, For me personally I want my home to be like a show-home and yes that’s not everyone’s taste or vision. However for me it’s […]

May Favourites

May is over already? It only feels like yesterday when I was posting about April! Well they do say that time flies when you’re having fun…… So as you all know I’ve finally moved into my new home and lets be honest…. All I have done is spend my money on house related items. What […]

New chapter in my life

The secret is out, me and James officially have our first ever home together. We have been trying to keep this to ourselves and only a select few people have known about this. The both of us can’t really believe the stage that we are at in life and after all the hard work of […]

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