Hi and welcome to my blog, 

My name is Demi however I go off girl with the long hair. People ask me where I got this name from and it’s just from customers at work referring to me as that ‘girl with the long hair’ when I’ve helped them. Also stating the fact that yes I do have really long hair (still want it longer though!) . Yes weird I know, but we all have weird nicknames I’m sure.  

Anyway moving on….. I’m 23 years old and decided to start a blog! I’ve been starting a blog for the past 5 years but never stuck to it and decided nows the best time in my life to finally start sharing my life with the Lucky people who decide to read it. 

Like most people I enjoy being nosey and reading blogs and I thought maybe one person might feel the same way about my page.  

I’ve decided to post a mixture of Home, fashion, lifestyle, travel and more, well we will see how things turn out. But you get the gist of it all.  

I hope you enjoy reading my posts, if you want any more information on any of the items featured or just anything in general, then you can leave comments below on my posts or you can email me at demi.shaw@hotmail.co.uk  

You can also follow my social media pages:

Personal Instagram – @girlwiththelonghair  

Home Instagram – @girlwiththelonghairhome

Depop – @girlwiththelonghair_  

Twitter – @demiteenashaw 

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