“I look my best when I am totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach”

It’s that time of the year when you’ve just about made it through January and you need that sun beaming down on you with a drink in your hand. So we decided to go on our annual February trip. We try to get away this time of the year as we always feel sluggish and miserable. You’ve got to get that small dose of sun in to keep you going till summer.  

How beautiful is this hotel? Since me and James haven’t been away with each other for over a year we wanted to make this one special by going all out with a gorgeous place to stay. We are the most fussiest pair when it comes to selecting the right hotel for each other. But when we were on the TUI website we noticed that this hotel Guayarmina Princess had recently been refurbished, we knew straight away this is the place for us.

I cannot rate this place enough! From the moment you step foot in here to the second you leave, you’re treated like royalty. They offer so much for you to do while you’re staying in and truly make it the most relaxed vacation. As for the food!!!!! Yes I go on about this so much but I genuinely always find it hard to find somewhere that does a wide selection of vegetarian food and if you’re one as well you honestly have no worries with this place. I have managed to eat so much while being here.

So grab your sun lounger, order your cocktail and sit back and relax!

Me and James can’t spend the whole duration of our time just chilling by the pool and catching those rays (mainly because my skin is fragile and I burn instantly) but we like to go and explore around where we’re staying. We have a tradition where we have to go for a curry for one of the nights. Now the hotel is all inclusive or half board (depending on your choice) but we like to vary it up a little and go out a few nights.

We even decided that we should go to the zoo (Jungle Park) for one of the days. I have to admit we had such a fantastic time here. There is loads to do and you get to over look the whole of Tenerife from the amazing view you have. James enjoyed this the most, he honestly had the best time and yet he was the one moaning about going here for the day. He got to stand and hold all these birds (birds scare me so I ran away) and Climb on the adventure area like a little kid. I do definitely recommend for a laugh that you go here for the day. It just made me want to take all the beautiful animals home with me.

Why is it when you’re on holiday all your outfits that you’ve planed go out the window and you end up wearing random clothes that you didn’t even intend on wearing but just took them as a back up. I didn’t wear half the clothes that I’ve brought with me…… which always happens!! But my outfit choices were just ridiculous, I felt too overdressed most of the evenings and yet it was all random clothes that I wouldn’t even usually wear. I found it so difficult this time around when I was shopping for ‘holiday’ clothes that I didn’t really purchase anything new.

Note to self…. buy summer clothes in the sale and put them up for the following year.

I would love to know if anyone has booked to visit here as it’s truly breathtaking and you will certainly enjoy yourselves here. Will definitely have to return.

Girl With The Long Hair x

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