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I have decided that it’s time to start posting home updates. This is for all of those asking to see more of my home and for myself also. I want to be able to keep looking back at all these posts to see the development in the house. Nothing is finished and neither will it ever be. Interior changes daily, there are new trends in and that means more decorating and new accessories to add all the time.

For the first proper house update I want to start with the living room. This is the room that’s taking the longest for us to finish due to the fact that it’s only me and James that see this room. Whenever we get guests round everyone stays downstairs so we’ve wanted to spend the time decorating downstairs first as it’s the one that we use more frequently. As you know this is a new build and you’re meant to leave the walls plain for about a year to ensure the walls are dry enough and to stop the cracks in the wall developing. So you will have to excuse the plain walls (They are like a yellow colour on pictures which really winds me up!) we can start the decorating of the walls in June.

Starting with the Sofa as this has been the most stressful experience we’ve had in the house. We originally brought a sofa from Next about 3 months before we got the keys to the house so when we move in we can select a date and have the sofa the first weekend of moving in. This didn’t go to plan as the sofa we ordered wouldn’t fit up the stairs! It was a completely different design with chrome feet and chrome studs down the side of the sofa. After the drama of the Large sofa not fitting and only the Snuggle seat fitting upstairs we returned to Next very emotional and they kindly ordered the same sofa but in the medium size. After waiting 8 more weeks we finally had our sofa date and we were so excited to have the sofa of our dreams….. This wasn’t the case at it didn’t fit! 2 sofas and nothing to fit upstairs. Our only option was to get a corner sofa which would come in two pieces to hopefully get this one up the stairs (Non of our neighbours had this issue, just us) A further 8 weeks later and the sofa arrived! It’s not the one we wanted and we still need to change the feet of the sofa to chrome but we have a sofa in this room finally meaning we can remove the garden chairs!

– Our Fabric is Galmour Weave Silver.
– Sofa is Farrell Corner Sofa from Next.
– Cushions Laura Ashley Nigella
– Ikea blanket

As you can see the wall behind the sofa is so bare and boring. I have decided in June not only are we painting the walls around the rooms but I want this to be the feature wall with wallpaper on. I haven’t picked my design yet but i’m going for grey/silver tones for the wall.

Moving around the room and we have our Windows. I love this part of the house because you get to see the spectacular views of the fields and you get the best view of sunset here. Currently I am still experimenting with what I actually want to be displayed on the windows as this is something we will see first thing everyday so I want it to be perfect. As you can notice in the pictures is that the cracking has started from the drying. Again we are waiting till June for when we fill everything in and repaint.

For the blinds, we had a quote from Hilary’s and they said it would cost us £2900 for all the windows in the house to have fitted blinds…… I’m sorry but is it really worth it? So I was at work one day and came back to see that James had gone to Homebase and brought just plain grey binds for the whole house and they cost him £200. They do the job, we want as much light in the house during the day but we also get our privacy on the night so no one is staring across from the fields and we saved a huge amount of money.

My two favourite accessories in the house! I brought these both months before we actually moved in. The large candle I get asked about all the time and I wish that I brought more when I saw them because I can’t find them anywhere! I originally got this candle from Home Sense back in March in their wedding collection (Maybe they will bring another one out this year?) I paid £20 for this so it wasn’t that expensive either.

The Chanel book I started off with it in the bedroom on the bedside table but for Christmas I got two of the Dior books which compliment the room more as they are a pale grey. Again this book is such a gorgeous addition for the living room to display this candle.

For Christmas I got these beautiful trunks off James. We decided for Christmas that we didn’t want to buy each other gifts that we wouldn’t appreciate so home items is what I wanted. At the moment I’m not storing anything inside them, I’m thinking of having all my spare candles inside so they are all together and I know where I can fill them up from when I’ve used one up as they are all currently dotted around the house getting in the way. Again, The Louis Vuitton book were from James and I have never been so happy to open a present! I honestly get so excited over new home items it’s ridiculous.

As you can tell this is the main part of the living room and my favourite section. I have spent ages trying to master what I would like to be sat on the side board. Ideally where the lamp is I’m going to get something else to go there instead, but currently this is the only place I can put the lamp for now. First tings first, The sideboard! This is from My and it’s one of the very first Items we brought for the house. Back when we were visiting show homes one of the rooms they had a unit under the TV similar to this and I’ve searched around for a while (Before we moved in) and found this gorgeous one which is very similar. I was very sceptical at the start because £400 for a unit that I’ve never seen will it be the right one? I can honestly say this is the best store to buy mirrored furniture from. They came all fully secure and built ready to use straight away with the best quality delivery. Since then we have ordered the rest of our mirrored furniture from this store. The unit itself is massive inside, I keep all my DVD’s and games, play station etc inside here so nothing is on show and ready to use if needed.

Next part is whats on top of the sideboard. Firstly, this candle again I keep getting asked about and its the new home bargains take on the Joe Malone candles. Yes I understand it’s got nothing on the Joe Malone candles and I understand that but £200 for the large candle isn’t what I can spend my money on….. Just yet! So this £10 alternative candle will do the job for me.

Underneath the candle we have my gorgeous coffee books, which is the Chloe Attitudes book which I have previously mentioned on a post before. We then have my brand new Kelly Hoppen Design Masterclass that I’ve been wanting for a while now. James kindly brought me this for Christmas as well and it goes perfectly with the living room. As this room is still quite bare with furniture I’m planing on having a small mirrored coffee table which this book will be displayed on its more easier to see the beauty of this cover.

My mirrored tray again is something that I feature a lot on my Instagram and blog posts as it goes perfect in every room. It’s from Laura Ashley and I loved it that much I brought another one for the downstairs kitchen/Dining room. On top of the tray I have the Laura Ashley vase which I got for Easter last year. I then got these separate flowers from Home sense, They are individual and are £4 for a bunch of the artificial flowers. I need to get more of the flowers so they look more fuller but they don’t look too bad currently.

Now you’re probably wondering why I have a fireplace on the Tv, well it’s because we don’t have a fireplace here. I find it hard to try and relax and concentrate when I’m writing blog posts so this is what I use when I’m trying to calm down and unwind. The TV itself is LG and Its a 55inch, James picked the TV as I am useless when it comes to technology.

The last part of the room is the corner area and this currently doesn’t really have anything in it other than our ottoman which we use for storing my yoga mat and hot water bottles. This isn’t going to be staying here, we have ideas of what we need to add like a chair, tables etc. But we just haven’t got round to finding the right items for us in the room. So sadly this is going to be empty for a while.

Last part of the room is this chandelier, which is stunning when the light is on shining everywhere. I got this from Debenhams when they had their special event on for lights which had 50% off. I knew I would love this light when it arrived and because of the fantastic offer I brought two, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. Now I am kicking myself that I didn’t buy another one for my beauty room (Which I am currently redoing!) My dad and my uncle installed the light so I’m not sure if it was difficult to install or not. I just know that the crystal were all separate and you had to attach all of them one by one.

I apologise for how much I have wrote, I have tried to cover everything in the room and the reasoning behind it all. Hopefully soon I will be able to do an update with all the new items I have for the room.

Girl With The Long Hair x

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