Shopping in Paris

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

Paris fashion week was just over when I was here, but that didn’t stop everyone from feeling like they need to spend everything while they are in Paris. Me and Amber decided we would get clever and spend all our money on ourselves, yes we ate out in gorgeous restaurants, but we got smart and spent less money on that so we could buy more for our self.

First thing first, Beauty!

Elizabeth Arden, I swear you will all be bored of me going on about these products! I have to admit I am an addict when it comes to this brand, but I swear by the products that they do wonders for your skin! So on the way back from Paris they have the ultimate duty free goals! This gift set was so cheap and I’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t buy more! Lesson learnt for next time. As you know all three of these items are the signature products for Elizabeth Arden as they are the 8 hour products that are still their best sellers.

Sephora!!!! Every girls favourite shop!! (Well it’s mine) I can’t go inside this store without coming out with items I did not need! But as we walked in the store they had a huge display showing their face and body masks, so I couldn’t not get them at the time. I decided to get a mixture of different masks just to give them a try so I know which one to invest my money into next time I go to a sephora. 

Another Sephora own brand item, and it has to be this new rose lip balm. Again I haven’t used the lip balms before, but when I was there I had forgotten to take my own with me and I can’t go a day without using Lip balm so I had to purchase one straight away and this has done a really impressive job. It does smell gorgeous as well, so If you need a refreshing lip balm then this is the one for you. 

The Holy Grail of eyeshadow palettes, has to be the Urban Decay palettes. I have the whole collection so trust me, I needed this beautiful Cherry one in my life. Id been wanting this one for a while when I seen it released in the UK but I hadn’t physically seen it in person, so I wasn’t too sure if the colours were true to the pictures. I have used this twice since I’ve got home and it is by far the best palette of the collection and I never thought I would say that. The packaging is what sells this item to me regardless of the actual product itself. 10/10 for this product so I would defiantly invest in this or put it on your Christmas list.

Originally I brought this for my mom as a gift, However I decided I needed one myself! Marc Jacobs have always created the best nail varnish and so we always get my mom them as she adores all the shades. There is just something about this colour pink that I fell in love with!! 

Everyone needs a good pair of tweezers in their life and these Tweezermans one are the best brand to get! They honestly last for so long, I just wanted the cute flamingo design ones to add to the collection because I’m sad like that. 

My ultimate favourite item ever! I cannot go a day without using this product. Sadly before Paris I ran out and I wanted to cry as  I couldn’t use this while I was away. Hallelujah that Sephora have the goods in store and I could purchase one there. Yes this is a very expensive product, but if you find something you love then its worth the price. The one that I picked up also has a different style on the lid which we don’t have in the UK. I will carry on yet again mentioning this fabulous product from By Terry.  

My last beauty product is this strawberry EOS lip balm that I cannot live without. I can’t go 24 hours without using this product (Unless you forget to pack it in your suitcase!) I have quite a few of the flavours but this by far has to be my favourite. Small tip, If you’re in Duty free then you can stock up on these as they are far less expensive then going to Boots and purchasing them.

Would it ever be a shopping trip without a visit to Kate Spade?

I feel like I need to get my life sorted and schedule all my hospital appointments and work shifts etc. So I decided I needed to look organised and get myself a new diary/ Organiser. The good thing about this one is you get so many compartments, stickers, organisation skills and tips. Its probably one of the best ones I’ve seen, it also has french and English in the diary (Not that I can speak well in French, But I can try). The only downside to this book is that I’ve only used this a few times and its already got marks on the front cover from my keys in my bag. They do this planner book in different colours, so maybe next time I will be a darker shade.

Did you truly live the full Disneyland experience without purchasing the Minnie Mouse ears? This is a must have when you go to the Disney parks. Every time I go I have to buy a different style of Minnie ears because who really wants to be an outfit repeater? These rose gold, sparkly sequin ears are goals!

Yet another Disney Christmas tree decoration…… Do I really need another one? YES!!!

I am literally like a child when I’m shopping in Disney and I can’t help myself. I have several Rapunzel decorations but I just needed another one. They have a small Disney logo on them all and they have the year on them, so every year they are slightly different and they are a collectors item. Plus its so fluffy and sparkly!!!

My FAVOURITE Disney movie of all time is the Rescuers. If you haven’t watched this film then go and watch it at some point. It’s the cutest movie ever and it’s all me and Amber watched when we were younger (Well along with all the other movies of course) But I have one ornament that I got last year and as you can imagine when I saw this new design with them in the sardine can (You will need to watch the movie to get that) Then I was buzzing!!! I even messaged my family with my excitement on this.

My Moulin rouge program. You are probably sick of me raving about this show but its spectacular and you have to go and see the show to understand what I’m going on about. I’m not a huge fan of musicals or going to see a show so I didn’t really know what to expect but It’s fantastic and its a must see.

Now I did buy clothes when I was in Paris but everytime I go and try and take pictures in them one of the items is in the wash! I have loved them that much that I have been wearing them non stop since getting back. As you probably guessed they are from Zara as always…. I am going to try and feature them in another post when they are finally clean.

Girl With The Long Hair x

Rapunzel Christmas decoration
Disney Minnie Mouse ears
Kate spade year planner
Sephora Lip mask
Charcoal pore mask
Eos strawberry lip balm
Sephora lip balm
Sephora foot mask
Marc Jacobs nail varnish
Tweezerman tweezers
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour gift set
Urban Decay naked cherry palette

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