Primark Haul

Everyone loves a good visit to Primark…… when it’s not busy!! But let’s face it, they have excellent prices!

Recently I have been loving Primark due to the fact that I spend all my money on home items, so I don’t have loads of money left for myself and we all know you go inside Primark and don’t leave with what you actually went inside for.

This isn’t a huge haul, however it’s some small items that will help me with my transition through to Autumn. Now we have been suffering with terrible wind and rain lately so I feel these items are appropriate for the weather we are currently having. Plus who doesn’t love Autumn when you can wrap up in chunky knitwear and drink hot chocolate snugged in a blanket watching harry potter.

How amazing are these marble home accessories?! I have been after marble bathroom accessories for a couple of months now, but sadly John Lewis sell them for far too much! When I seen these, I knew I couldn’t part from them as the prices are amazing! Honestly the quality is excellent as well. They seriously look just like the ones online that I have been eyeing up for such a long time hoping they go into the sale.

This hat is a huge winner for autumn, those chilly day outings picking pumpkins is where you need this hat for. This hat is perfect with high neck jumpers and big chunky knee high boots. I’ve worn this twice so far since purchasing the hat and it hasn’t given my hair that “Hat hair” look which is brilliant because who wants that flat hat hair vibe? Not me! The hat itself is only £8 as well. 

Chanel espadrilles vibes? I wish that I could spend £400 on the proper Chanel style espadrilles, but sadly we all have limits and I can’t justify it……. Just yet! So these cheap Primark ones will have to make do for now. They don’t look the best in the photo but they are very flattering on and really comfy too. I’m not planning on wearing these for Autumn, I brought them while they are in the sale for £3 so I can use them for summer 2019. Planning my wardrobe ahead of schedule this year.

Now these aren’t very interesting but I thought I would include them anyway. I have a trip soon and I hate more than anything carrying all the heavy beauty products with me (As I take that many) So I have to be clever and condense everything down with small bottles. Primark are the best for these travel accessories as they provide you with the labels for the bottles which is needed to remember what product is which. Also, I don’t know if anyone has tried the cotton pads from Primark? But if you haven’t then you really should! They are sealed around the edge of the cotton pad so you don’t get them falling apart like all the other ones do!

For some reason I feel like Inspector Gadget….

Now ignore the shocking photo of me, It was raining outside. But can we just appreciate this coat that was £15!!!! Honestly when you first feel this coat the quality feels cheap, but when you actually put it on its so warm and cosy. They do have this coat in different colours in the store but you could tell that the coat was cheaper just purely from the different colour as the buttons didn’t look the best with the shades. Now for me I didn’t want to spend a lot of money purely because Hugo is in his biting and jumping stage so I know his golden hair will be all over this soon!

Now I’m wearing the coat again here but I also spotted this thick, chunky scarf when I was walking past the shoes and I fell in love with the tones running through the scarf. You can never own too many scarves in your life as you need different shades to accessorise with your outfits throughout the season. Plus I get really bored of wearing the same ones out all the time. This scarf is actually the best quality and it was £4! Now who wouldn’t purchase this?

While I was shopping I also brought more tights, as I seem to always lose these or somehow get holes in them! Plus you can never have too many pairs of tights this time of the year. The sad thing is I have to get a Large in them when I buy them from Primark as the other sizes don’t fit the length of my legs! It also wouldn’t be a visit to Primark without purchasing socks! I love all the Disney and Harry Potter styles they have. Also I have to buy loads of ankle socks as Hugo has decided he likes eating them, So I have had to stock up on these.

Girl With The Long Hair x

Sadly I can’t link anything to Primark, it’s hit and miss when you go in the stores I’m afraid.

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