30 Random facts about me

I have been writing blog posts for a couple of months now and I don’t feel like you truly know who I am. Some of the facts you should have already picked up on if you’ve read any previous posts that I’ve done (Or just follow my Instagram). I have been contemplating for a while to write one up but just feel like no one would be interested. Hey ho lets still do the post since I have loads of spare time on my hands currently and I haven’t posted in a while. 

1. I’m 22 years old…. Just turned it! My birthday is July 15th and I genuinely love having my birthday in this month as you always get the best weather and that means bbq’s!

2. I also share my birthday with my gorgeous Mother! Some people think its crazy and say they would hate sharing it with a relative. I honestly love it as it always brings me and mom closer together. Plus I hate all the limelight being on be so having my mom celebrate the same day means its toned down for me.

3. My nickname off my sister is Pickle (still don’t really know why)

4. I hope one day that I can have a pet pig!!!! Although I am more than happy with my new love of my life Hugo the Golden retriever.

5. I am scared of almost everything….

6. I have been with James for 6 years now….. It feels like 30!

7. My favourite Disney film is obviously Rapunzel due to the hair. But I absolutely love the Rescuers. (If you haven’t watched it then I recommend if you’re a Disney fan)

8. I have big green eyes, Amber always says they remind her of a Cat which isn’t the best compliment to be given.

9. As you already know I have the biggest obsession with The Wanted and this has been an on going obsession since 2010! 8 years and I still have to make sure I meet Jay McGuiness every year ( The guy with the curly hair if you don’t know who that is).

10. I studied Textiles and Fashion at college and this truly made me more confident In my work and inspired me to always work in fashion.

11. My idol is Kate Spade, her truly breathtaking designs throughout Fashion and Interior are simply everyone’s dream. Honestly its like heaven for me, her style really captures everything of mine.

12. I’m a vegetarian. I honestly only really eat potatoes and vegetables.

13. I am one of the biggest Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit fan! I couldn’t pick which one is my all time favourite as I truly love them all. I have watched them that many times that I know every word to the films. My family are also obsessed and we have family marathons where we binge watch the films…… Goals I know.

14. Fashion is my passion! I can literally shop till I drop (or run out of money)

15. I have Cystic Fibrosis

16. I don’t drink tea or coffee. I prefer to have cold drinks.

17. I own a Fiat 500, I’m not like James with his brand new Mercedes. My little punze does the job and gets me from A to B.

18. I have the craziest relationship with my sister, we honestly spend our times quoting our childhood movies and TV shows.

19. I don’t have any tattoo’s, I do want one to tick it off the bucket list. I just don’t want to get one if it doesn’t have a meaning to me. Maybe a sister tattoo?

20. I have a really strong brummie accent! I Hate it and I do try and use my posh phone voice as much as I can, but it doesn’t work for me. 

21. Pretty much all of my wardrobe is black I genuinely think its the most flattering colour to wear and makes me feel like I don’t have to worry about what I look like.

22. The first time I went on a plane I was 20 and it was to Jersey as I was petrified of stepping on to a plane and since then I’ve been to Dublin, Paris, New York, Rome, Lanzarote, Portugal and that’s just the beginning.

23. I don’t really listen to current music, my taste is all 2000-2012. I just feel like the music was more cheesy and everything was different back then. I feel like everything is the same now a days.

24. I hate horror films. It has to be anything but that!!!

25. I love Mr bean

26. I worry and stress over the slightest thing! It could literally be anything and I will just go in a mood and worry non stop. I can’t help it, I just want everything in my life to be perfect and since having my own house I have been able to maintain this. ( This has improved massively)

27. I use to work in an occasion wear store, this was prom dress, bridesmaid, Mother of the bride etc.

28. I’m a very creative person. Any excuse to make something or design anything and I’m on the sewing machine or creating mood boards. I love anything that means I can show my creative side. If anyone know’s my sister she will let you know that I am very extra when it comes to birthday and Christmas presents. I just love making everyone else happy.

29. Visual Merchandising is my strongest area.

30. I have a fear of needles….. yes I have loads of these every year and I think that’s why I’m such a pansy. I usually faint as they can’t get any blood out of my arms anymore and have several attempts at trying.

I hope you’ve enjoyed having the chance to get to know a little bit more about me. Honestly I’m not that interesting at all.

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