Turning 22

Why is it when you leave school every year just flies by and before you notice it you’re grown up in your own place watching the years pass us by? Well for some people being 22 is still really young, But for me I hate growing older and that’s why I like to be as extra as I can be when it comes to celebrating. You only live once and when you have a life threatening condition you want to live it to your full, so every year its a huge milestone for me getting to my next birthday. That’s why I like being more extra, live your life to the full.

Since I’ve not had the best week with my health and I’ve literally spent everyday in bed. I wasn’t up for going out and drinking etc. So James decided to decorate the house into this gorgeous birthday theme of balloons and presents. When you look at me you physically can’t see anything wrong, however, that’s the problem with a hidden disability. Taking these pictures were so hard when you don’t have the energy to lift your arms to make an effort with your appearance. After about 2 hours, we got there in the end!

James has spoilt me rotten with everything over the past few days. On Friday we decided to have a small BBQ with my family just to say Happy Birthday to my mom also and just have a little catch up. But James decorated the house beautifully with sweets and chocolate on the table (Even though I shouldn’t be eating them!) He honestly put so much thought into everything. Lets just appreciate the cake as well!  We wanted to buy a small cake with our house on when we moved in to thank everyone for helping us out, sadly we didn’t get round to doing this and so he decided to buy me one for my birthday. If anyone is looking for a good company to put together a cake in 2 days that tastes like heaven then Cake Magic in Bromsgrove is the one!!!!

So my actual birthday was meant to be celebrated in the pub watching England in the World Cup final….. Nope that didn’t happen. So we decided to go down to Paignton instead! My fabulous uncle And Auntie are honestly the hostess with the mostess. You are guarnteed to have the best time of your life down there! They have the cutest house with the most amazing view of Torquay and I cannot thank them enough for letting us stay in their house over the weekend.

While we were down in Devon we went on my uncles famous tours of all the small seaside locations such as Torquay, Brixham, Babbacombe, Shaldon, Teighnmouth, and Dawlish.

These small seaside locations are perfect for escaping from any worries and responsibilities in life. Grab yourself an ice cream or a cone of chips and relax with the sound of the sea waves and the seagulls chirping non stop for food. All of this is my idea of heaven! Not going to lie having the sea air in my lungs has helped my coughing and eased the pain a little.

The best part of having your birthday is to be able to spend time with family. I’m such a family person and making memories that will last a life time is my ultimate favourite part. I have had such a lovely birthday even though I dread it every year!! I just look forward to Christmas so much more!!!!!!!! Not that long to go. (squeals inside)

Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday and to anyone who brought me a card and present. Honestly so appreciative of everything.

The next post will be what I got for my birthday!

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  1. Love your photos by the sea. We always love having you and James visit . Thank you for letting us share another birthday with you. Love u loads ❤️

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