Meeting Jay McGuiness at Linda McCartney’s veggie table event in Bristol

So as you can probably guess that I am a vegetarian, hence why I went to Linda McCartney’s veggie table event. I get asked why I want to be a vegetarian and the truth is I just don’t like the taste or the look of meat. So I decided not to eat it. Now for me I am terrible at eating the right healthy foods and I’m slowly learning how I can get the right amount of nutritious foods into my diet (although I decided to pick cakes for these pictures). The truth is that I can’t cook….. My family aren’t the best so the only option I’ve had is potatoes and pasta. So as you can tell that isn’t the best diet to live off. But I have slowly been trying to change my style of eating and FINALLY start eating new foods!! This is surely going to take me a while to get use to as I’m one of the fussiest people when it comes to trying new food, so this is going to be a challenge.

I have seen all of the Linda Mccartney’s food selection in Sainsbury’s for vegetarians and wanted to try selected items from her range, however I am just too scared to actually cook it. So when I seen that this event was taking place in Bristol to help people to learn alternative meals for veggies, I just had to get a ticket.

Now I have to tell the truth here….. I brought a ticket mainly for the fact that Jay McGuiness (From the boy band The Wanted and winner of strictly come dancing in 2015) was going to be attending and hosting the event. Now for some of you reading this then you might not know that I have been the biggest fan of The Wanted since 2010! Yes Jay has always been my favourite from the very begining when I first met the boys in Merry hill shopping centre on the release of their first single All Time Low. Since that day I have met them numerous amount of times and travelled far to just see them perform, get a signed CD and just simply speak to them. Literally spent my teenager years stalking and being a crazy obsessed fan. (I dread to think what they thought of me back then) I would like to think that I am a more relaxed and calm person around any of the boys when I see them now…..

I make it my mission to see and meet Jay at least once a year. It’s harder now since the band have split up, However Jay is still working like crazy which is good because it means I still get to see him. Now I’ve heard it several times and seen posts about why you shouldn’t ever meet your idol in life. But honestly Jay is the loveliest and most down to earth celebrity I have ever met. I have had people slate The Wanted and that’s fine because everyone has their own taste in life and we can’t all be the same. It just so happened that they got me through my time at school and during any bad times.

In 2012 I was the happiest girl in the world when I was surprised on TV by The Wanted on ‘Surprise Surprise’. No I didn’t know this was happening, I thought I was being filmed for a charity show. I literally will never forget that moment for as long as I live as the day was just perfect as I got to spend it with my idols!! I have linked a clip of when the guys surprised me in case you want to see what I looked like back in the day. (Please ignore the fact that I had no make up on, had been crying like a baby due to the shock, Fashion back then wasn’t the best and my hair isn’t that long)

Moving on from Demi’s blast to the past…..

The event itself lasted about 2 hours in total, you are welcomed with all kinds of meat free food and drinks when you arrive. It’s a really friendly and welcoming environment that makes you feel relaxed the whole way through. Honestly since attending the event I have never felt more inspired to finally start being wild with my foods and actually trying someone different and introducing new ways of making my food more interesting. Although they only cook three recipes I feel like its given me more knowledge on different methods to cooking in general. Yes of course you get to try out all of the different meals that they have cooked as well.

With every ticket you also get given a Linda McCartney goodie bag which inside has your very own apron. This means I can pretend that I am an actual chef and post pictures of myself pretending that I am cooking really healthy food when really its cakes that I’m baking and it’s those cheap easy cakes from the supermarket…. Oh well we all have to start somewhere before we apply for the Great British Bake Off. You also receive some kitchen utensils to help you while cooking your food and some recipes of food that you can try and attempt to bake yourself.

This whole experience has really made me look more into what food I should and shouldn’t be eating. I’m hoping that I can actually cook myself a meal soon that’s healthy and different to just potatoes and pasta (I will post any pictures soon when I’ve finally baked one). But we will see and I’m sure that I won’t quit my day job to become a chef instead. But I hugely recommend that if you’re stuck with food and want to widen your knowledge on foods for vegetarians then any events like these I would strongly suggest you attend. Plus you also get to eat loads of food at the same time which is a win win really.

Girl With The Long Hair x

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