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“I like my money where I can see it — hanging in my closet.” – Carrie Bradshaw

Yes it’s true, I’m a shopaholic….. But it’s a healthy addiction right?

I mean who doesn’t love the frill of going into department stores and hunting around everywhere to find that one piece that was totally made for you? It’s also a workout and therapeutic. I mean I might be just saying those things to justify the amount I spend when I shop. But its my happy place……Besides Christmas time when the shops are manic and the queues are ridiculous.

However there is something different about being out of your home town and shopping in a different city that allows you to go wild and spend more than you usually would. I took advantage of this and decided to spend, spend and spend, while in London.

Walking the streets of London and heading from Regent street to Oxford street gives me such a rush inside. You get to see high-street stores and designer stores all close together. I have to say my favourite store of them all has to be….. KATE SPADE! Yes you should all know by now that I have an unhealthy addiction to this store. I don’t think I have ever walked out without making a purchase. Every product in the store is truly beautifully designed and I just need to own it all. Literally every piece inside is just like it’s made for me, It’s my style all over and it truly captures everything that I love. This time I was good and I had will power to not buy a bag…. Even though I seen so many inside that I wanted to buy.

If you haven’t been upstairs than I recommend you do as they have the most gorgeous home accessories. I decided to buy the blush pink glass water bottle. I have seen this for months and wanted it so badly but it’s always out of stock everywhere online so I knew I needed to buy it when I saw it in the store. I mean everyone needs to be extra when it comes to water bottles.

My last purchase from Kate spade is this stunning note book. I have other stationary from this store and thought that this piece would sit beautifully with my collection. The rose gold and blush pink tones are perfect together and are also my favourite colours. I could have brought so much more from the store but since this was the first shop we went into I thought I would be good and not go too wild. Next time I go I’m sure I will spend more.

It wouldn’t be a trip to London without going in the all the Zara stores that they have dotted around everywhere. As you may know Zara is my go to store. If I need anything specific then I know I will defiantly find it in this store. I wanted to try and purchase some new lines to add to my summer clothing collection as I literally have nothing that fits me anymore (because they are too big!!! YAY) But anyway when I was shopping I spotted this gorgeous pale blue, denim style playsuit. It’s so comfy to just throw on and go out in it all day. I am literally in love with this and I can’t wait to live in it when the sun actually stays out for us. The outfit itself only cost me £25! Which is s well priced that I’m tempted to purchase it in the other colours they have as well.

My last item from Zara is this gorgeous simplistic perfume. I am a Chloe and Chanel perfume lover so to fall in love with a completely difference fragrance that’s so cheap makes me so happy. The bottle itself looks stunning on my dressing table as the bottle is so simplistic in the blush tone. I wasn’t sure at first what fragrance to go for so I was trying them all out by the till and all of the scents smelt gorgeous and I could have brought them all. However the bottle sold it for me on this one. The fragrance itself is blends of Blackcurrant – Grapefruit – Lemon – Tangerine – Musk – Sandalwood – Vanilla and it smells AMAZING!!! I love to spray loads of perfume all the time so I am so grateful at the price of this bottle that I can use as much as I want and not have to worry about how much its gong to keep costing all the time. As for the actual scent of the perfume I find it last hours, which for such affordable perfume this never usually happens.

My next little trip was to primark and it was these sunglasses for £1!!!! I’m one of those people who buys sunglasses every year and loses them, forgets where I put them etc. So it really isn’t practical for me to buy expensive sunglasses and yes I think they all look gorgeous. However I have to be clever and make do with cheaper sunglasses. But these ones in primark are brilliant for the price. They have so many different colours but I decided to just stick with the blush, blue and then a brighter pink as I don’t need anymore surely? You also get a small bag to put the sunglasses in to stop them from getting damaged….. I would recommend you get some for holidays or to throw in your bag.

The last shop that I had to visit was Pull & Bear. I felt in love with this store a few years ago and I always seem to get my summer t-shirts from here as they are brilliantly priced at £4.99!! I did buy a few different printed styles while I was here but typical when I want to take a picture I can’t because it’s in the wash…..So one of them I have been able to take a picture in and its this mustard colour that I wouldn’t usually ever wear but for some reason it stood out to me the most when I was shopping. This “My own way to perfect” tee has probably got to be one of my favourites that I brought in London. I have already worn this loads and who would have knew that I actually like this colour.

Girl with the long hair x

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